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At CoreComputers we stand 100% behind the brands we recommend to our customers. We believe strongly in providing high quality products, backed up by a service that is second to none.

We're able to cater to every storage need - SanDisk memory cards provide excellent performance and a Lifetime warranty - different ranges cater to both consumers as well as busy professionals. This is completed by a selection of USB drives which are excellent value, portable and indispensable once used.

Need more capacity? An external hard drive may be ideal for your important data, photos, tunes and everything else. Simply plug and play! Western Digital's My Book external hard drives have won numerous awards and come including 3-5 years of warranty.

An alternative could be network attached storage (NAS) which connects to your home or office network directly and makes files available to all computers & media players - the solution for the digital home!

Wireless technology has revolutionized networks and brings together business infrastructure to increase productivity. The digital home now connects your broadband connection, computers, media library, television and more. With a lineup of four major network vendors, we're able to independently recommend the best solution for your particular needs. Experience with troubled networks has shown the importance of getting it right and we're here to assist you in the process.

TV has been a standalone devices for many decades but an abundance of online content now begs to be viewed in comfort and on a big screen. Media players (or streamers) provide an easy way to play back video and music from your network or the internet directly. Some even come with integrated TV tuner and can record to a hard drive.

CoreComputers offers a variety of surge protectors for offices and homes. Protect your investment from power surges and lightnings. Get the most from your home theatre with Belkin's PureAV range of isolators and line filters.

CoreComputers recommends APC and Belkin battery backup units to protect your computer from power outages and potential data loss.

Many other products are available on request - please email to enquire for a competitive quote.

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